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Brief History

Gliding was first introduced around 1939, but formally became part of the official training after 1943. Post 1946, 87 Gliding Schools (GSs) came under the Reserve Command.

Initially the gliding schools were established under RAF Reserve Command (later to become RAF Home Command). In 1955, RAF Flying Training Command took over the responsibility and amalgamated them into 27 gliding schools under Headquarters Air Cadets. At the same time the gliding schools were renumbered with three-digit numbers, the first two digits being the parent Home Command Group (Nos. 61, 62, 63, 64, 66 or 67).

In 1968, RAF Training Command was established, incorporating Flying Training Command. This was later to become part of Personnel and Training Command and in turn subsumed into Air Command in March 2007, where the gliding schools rest today.
Under Air Command, the chain of command for these units are regulated through No.22 (Training) Group RAF. On behalf of AOC No.22 (Training) Group RAF, the Volunteer Gliding Squadrons and the Central Gliding School are the collective responsibility of the OC No.1 Elementary Flying Training.

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