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Gliding Scholarship (GS)

You’ve done your Gliding Induction Course (GIC), so what’s next? Getting your Gliding Scholarship Wings.

This course gets you deeper into flying and gives you more flight time. To be nominated for a Gliding Scholarship (GS) just let your squadron or unit staff know you want in. It’s open to anyone over 16 and you’re not required to have completed a GIC 1, 2 or 3, but it’s great if you have. Once you pass the standard medical check, it’s just a matter of waiting for a place on the course to become available.

Course Content
Aircraft Flight time
Vigilant 8 Hours (extra 20% allowed for further training to solo standard)

Courses can be taken either over successive weekends until completed, or as a continuous week-long course (usually in the summer). Course time can vary due to your progress and the weather, so motivation and commitment are key. Typically, in summer, a course will take 4 weekends to complete. If you’re successful, you can look forward to wearing your blue GS wings on your uniform with pride.

Going solo and beyond
Show the necessary aptitude and you could be invited to progress to solo standard and even achieve your silver GS wings for flying solo!
It doesn’t end there. If you’re one of the best you could be invited, or apply, to become a Flight Staff Cadet. Training to a much higher level, your gold GS wings for Advanced Glider Training (AGT) await.
If you make it that far, it won’t have been easy. You’ll have a real talent for flying.

  • Download Letter to Parents
  • Download Joining Instructions (Residential Course)
  • Download Joining Instructions (Weekend Course)

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