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Flight Staff Cadets (FSC)

Flight Staff Cadets are taken on after completing a gliding scholarship to solo standard. As a flight staff cadet, you become the future of 613VGS in that we provide you training to eventually become a pilot and eventually instructor yourself. Most staff at 613VGS have followed this route and stayed with the unit for many many years, others who move on to great success as both RAF and commercial pilots or other successful jobs all look back at the time as a flight staff cadet very fondly.
If you think you have what it takes to become a flight staff cadet you may be approached during your scholarship if your performance on the ground and in the air appears to be what we required. However should you wish to apply or have completed your Scholarship unit at another unit, please contact the Officer IC Flight Staff Cadets (OIC FSCs) Fg Off Simon Challis at

Terms & Conditions for a Flight Staff Cadet

1. Entry Requirements
Currently a cadet on either a CCF or ATC unit.
Completed solo within 12 months of application.
Medically fit with existing F6424 medical.
Under 103kgs weight in flying clothing.
OC of the cadets unit to accept the commitment authorise the secondment.
Ability to travel autonomously (ie. own transport) to RAF Halton or Wendover Rail Station.

2. Flight Staff Cadets Commitment
Cadets are reminded that Flying/Gliding takes precedence over all other Corps activities.
Commit to a Saturday or Sunday with a leave of absence totalling no more than one flying day.
Should more than one flying day be missed, an alternative day may be attended to make up time.
Arrive at the VGS for 0800 for duty and not leave until authorised to do so by the Duty Instructor.
Update attendance on the Squadron Attendance Management System (SAMS).
Attend in a good standard of dress as stated in ACP20B ACAI204 & AP1358 Chap 6.
Address all staff appropriately paying correct compliments.
An FSC remains a member of their parent unit, should the FSC leave the unit (except in the case of transfer) their appointment with 613VGS is automatically terminated.
Should the terms & conditions in this agreement be breached, disciplinary action may be taken starting with a warning, however, should the misconduct be severe enough your training may be suspended or terminated along with you position as a flight staff cadet.

3. VGS Commitment
As a Flight Staff Cadet, subject to your performance during a probationary period, you can expect 613VGS to progress your flight training by initiating the AGT training syllabus. After this stage a performance review will be carried out to decide if your attitude, ability, attendance and availability are suitable to start Staff Continuation Training (SCT), eventually developing you towards becoming a graded pilot or even an instructor.
Award of AGT training is based on availability and performance since there are limited numbers of these awards a VGS may give each year.
Due to the flight training priorities stated in HQAC Training Group Orders (TGOs) and senior instructor availability, it is not always possible to fly an FSC on each attendance, as result training may be slow at times; despite this the DI will make their best effort to add you to the flying programme.
613 VGS has appointed an OIC Staff Cadets to act as a point of contact regarding your welfare and progress; flight training is managed by the Chief Flying Instructor.

4. Duties
All duties are to be carried out under supervision of senior staff cadets and instructors until deemed competent or qualified in that role. As a squadron FSC you are expected to be self-motivated whilst showing good team working skills; additionally an FSC should use their own initiative to complete, within the limits of their authorisation, the following duties:

  • Assist the Duty Instructor in preparing the operation.
  • Preparing, cleaning and manoeuvring of aircraft.
  • Aiding refuelling operations.
  • Where qualified, assist with MT inspections.
  • Cleaning the hanger, kitchen, crew rooms and caravan.
  • Ensure waste disposal and recycling as per station orders.
  • Manage both GIC and GS cadets by:
    • Looking after their welfare and ensuring they enjoy their stay
    • Initial Health & Safety briefing
    • Escorting cadets around the operation to ensure they are where they need to be.
    • Walk crew to aircraft and assist with getting in.
  • Keeping staff and visitors supplied with tea & coffee.

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